ENM-102 Protective Gown Type 5B / Type 6B


EN M-102G Protective Gown is designed to help protect against: hazardous dusts (Type 5) and light liquid splashes (Type 6). Protective Gowns are designed to protect health professionals and patients from cross infection. These gowns have a barrier protection to fluids with the benefit of increased comfort.

  • Ultrasonic/Lockstitch/overlock .
  • Sewing for sleeves and shoulders.
  • Overlock sewing for knitted cuff.
  • Lockstitch for ribbon on the neck.
  • Material Laminated Fabric
  • Fabric Weight : 40 GSM
  • Model No: ENM 102 Gown Non-Sterile / ENM 102 Gown Sterile
Ribbed Cuff

Elastic rib insert at cuff maximizes fit and protection.

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