ENM-102 Disposable Full Coverall Type 5B/6B LARGE


Helps provide basic protection aganist dusts and light liquid splashes. Elasticated waist, ankles and wrists for convenience and freedom of movement.

  • Suit: 55 gr Multilayer SMS Fabric Laminated
  • Zipper: Metal / Nylon / Polyester Braid
  • Elastic: Neoprene Rubber (Latex-free)
  • Thread: Polyester
  • Model No: ENM-102 (non sterile) / ENM-102 (sterile)
Hooded Design

Three dimensional hood design with elastic band around the face opening, insures a better fit on the face on the face maximizing the protection effect. Security Tape The security tape, any leakage from the zipper area is prevented. Elastic Cuff The cuff uses an internal elastic band to further enchance tightness and protection.


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