We care about the health of companies, employees and all humanity with our production values that provide hygiene and trust conditions.

On the way we set out for this purpose, our masks, which we produce as an antecedent against many virus factors, especially the coronavirus, which affect the world, differ from other mask types with their “Biocidal” feature.

The production and packaging phase of our masks that pass the necessary health approvals are carried out with great care and delivered to our customers as soon as possible with fast logistics support.

Why Biocidal Mask?

High Level Protection

Bacteria are not Viruses. For this reason, it may be more effective to prefer masks with biocidal properties for viruses. Biocidal mask is used for protection purposes, especially for the partial prevention of viral diseases, especially coronavirus. It also protects the freshness of the textile product by preventing the development of odor caused by bacteria and fungi.

Washable Feature

It does not get away from the textile surface with repeated washing. In case of successful application with bi-ome technology, the biocidal effect lasts more than 100 washes. However, the recommended number of washes in daily use is 5 times.

Breath Area Hygienic Tissue

It is produced from 100% pes fabric. The fabrics of our sensitive masks do not irritate the skin when used correctly.