ENMED Surgical Sets have 2 and 3 layer absorbent fabric structure with high protection power, liquid absorbency and repellency as well as patient safety and personnel comfort. It is produced as two and three layers on polypropylene layers and an impermeable polyethylene film in an inner layer. Our fabrics provide high liquid impermeability, softness and provide fast drapability for safe operation.

Set No Product Description Size Quanity
1 Disposable Surgical Gown (Blue Cuff) XL 3
2 Elastic Masks Universal 3
3 3PLY Surgical Mask (With Tape) Universal 1
4 Patient Cover 50×90 1
5 Patient Cover 50×90 2
6 Patient Cover 75×90 1
7 Disposable Surgical Doctor Cap Adjustable 3
8 Disposable Non-woven Shoe Cover L 3 Pair