It is the improved form of Hanks medium. Factors such as salt, amino acids, protein and glucose ensure the protection of virus activity.
 Protective agents such as bovine serum albumin V and HEPES were added to the Hanks solution. Thus, it was aimed to protect the virus activity at different temperatures.
 It facilitates nucleic acid extraction and virus isolation.
 Antibiotics are added to prevent bacterial growth
SterilSwab : Φ (2.2-2.5) x 150mm
Transport tube : Φ16×87 (10ml)
Medium : 3ml / tube
Biological sample bag : 6 “x 9”
225510 – 10 ml tube / 3ml VTM medium / 1 sterile swab / 1 Biological sample bag


  1. In order for the nucleic acid analysis method used to detect the presence of viral nucleic acid or pathogen-borne infection to give the most accurate results, swabs suitable for viral sampling should be used. Swab applicators made of calcium alginate sponge will inhibit the PCR reaction by causing the absorption of proteins in the protective medium.  Cotton applicators will cause the proteins to be absorbed, preventing the sample from passing into the preservative solution. Nylon fiber applicators will provide low absorption, making the sample difficult to take.Therefore, to get maximum efficiency;Polyethylene rayon fiber applicator, the performance of which has been proven by clinical studies, is used and it is the most suitable option for viral sampling.
  2. Made of polystyrene, the swab is suitable for breaking at the desired point.
  3. The transport tube is produced in 87 cm length, unlike the existing 80 cm tubes in the market, in order to prevent the solution inside from spilling during the breaking of the swab.
  4. There is a 3-layer sealed & tear-proof biological sample bag in the kit to ensure safe transportation of the collected sample.