Rapid Multiplex Real-time PCR System for detection of 2019 Novel Corona Virus (2019-nCoV)

Intended Use

The ENMED COVID-19 Rapid Detection Kit is a qualitative in vitro assay for the detection of 2019-nCoV from Nasopharyngeal swab and Oropharyngeal swabs medium without extra RNA extraction step.

  • he ENMED COVID-19 Rapid Detection Kit is highly suited for various multiplex applications, including:

      • Typing and analysis of transgenic organisms
      • Amplification and analysis of microsatellites
      • Typing and detection of bacteria and viruses
      • Amplification of multiple DNA regions for SNP analysis


Features Spesifications
Applications PCR, RT-PCR, Multiplex PCR, Typing, Detection
Enzyme Activity 5′ -> 3′ Exonuclease Activity
Mastermix Yes
Reaction Type PCR Amplification
Real-Tile or Endpoint Endpoint
Sample/Target type Genomic DNA and cDNA
Single or Multiplex Multiplex
With/Without Hotstart With Hotstrart